K-12 Success Stories

Close to 6,500 K-12 institutions worldwide now use Turnitin products, including 56 percent of the top 100 high schools listed on U.S. News and World Report's America's Best High Schools.

...Kids are getting more valuable feedback, they’re getting it faster, and it’s more organized. It can’t be any better, not that I can think of anyway.
Mark Vital, Advanced Math & Science Academy
We train faculty about the importance of writing as part of the learning process and introduce Turnitin as a tool to help them get there.
Kelly Thielen, Millard Public Schools

We’ve found it’s redefined feedback for the students. It’s very instructive and informative.
Toby Trewin, Education Technology Manager, Hale School

Turnitin Feedback Studio works the way teachers want it to work. It is a really invaluable tool to give students meaningful feedback.
Sue Yates, Education Technology Manager, Mac.Robertson Girls' High School
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Educator Spotlight Series

Showcasing best practices and strategies to evaluate student learning using Turnitin.

Using Turnitin to Empower Students to Become Life-Long Learners

Nancy Ruffell, English Teacher and Department Head, Snowflake High School

Using Turnitin to Address the Learning Needs of 6th- and 12th-Grade Students

Mark Vital, English and AP Psychology Teacher, Advanced Math & Science Academy

Preventing Plagiarism

Teach Students How to Recognize Plagiarism

At Abraham Lincoln Traditional School, teachers using Turnitin save time reviewing work for plagiarized material and provide students with guidance on how to paraphrase properly, use citations, and think more critically. Read More

Uphold Academic Integrity

Teachers use Turnitin at Lake Washington School District to uphold academic honesty, reward original work, and encourage students to find their own voices, which has helped foster a culture of trust in classrooms with students dedicated to learning. Read More

Incorporate Originality in the Writing Process

Implementing Turnitin at Miami Palmetto Senior High School is the first step in a larger plan to prepare students for AP® exam essays and for college-level work. That process begins as teachers gauge the level of originality in a student’s work even before delving into the grading and evaluation process. Read More

Teach Proper Citation Techniques

At Steffen Middle School, teachers use Turnitin to promote original thinking and to help students learn how to paraphrase and cite information properly. As students improve, they can learn the proper format for academic writing and reduce the percentage of matched content in their own work. Read More

Improving Writing Skills

Use ETS® e-rater® to Augment Student Assessment

Teachers at Anderson High School can manage paper loads, save time, and augment their assessment of student work by providing instant diagnostic feedback on grammar, usage, mechanics, style, and spelling online through ETS e-rater. Read More

Incorporate Self-Assessment and Peer Review

At Lincoln-Way High School District 210, teachers can improve students’ self-assessment skills through self-reflective and peer-review activities through Turnitin. This self-assessment platform is a forum that gives students teacher and peer feedback and a way to think critically about their own work. Read More

Support Writing Across the Curriculum

Teachers at Millard Public Schools use Turnitin to support instruction across curricula, which is part of an institution-wide strategy to train all faculty to be more effective teachers. Read More

Engaging Students

Encourage Group Interaction and Improve Feedback

At Mt. Olive High School, teachers share how peer review through Turnitin encourages group interaction and learning by promoting a more engaging feedback process that eases teacher workload and enables the delivery of faster feedback on student work. Read More

Improve Student Engagement and Academic Honesty

At Thomas Dale High School, teachers use Turnitin to guide the teaching of proper research skills and to encourage academic honesty by providing a self-checking strategy and deterrent to plagiarism. Read More