Originality in Poetry

Happy National Poetry Month from Turnitin!


To be original and unique,

Whether it’s written or when you speak,

Choosing words that rhyme or flow,

Is always a great way to go.


It’s extra special in the USA

Because today is Poem in Your Pocket Day!

A chance to choose some festive words

(Perhaps some new and some you’ve heard)

And share them with all the folks around

In your school or in your town.


So, in celebration of poetry

Scroll down and below you’ll see:

A collection of resources for modern times

To jumpstart your rhythm and spice up your rhymes.


What is Poem In Your Pocket Day? It’s a chance for poets young and old to celebrate the joy of the written and spoken word by keeping a poem in their pocket. It can be an original or a favorite piece from a known poet; the most important thing is to share it with everyone you see!

When is World Poetry Day? On March 21, poets worldwide celebrated World Poetry Day, recognizing “the unique ability of poetry to capture the creative spirit of the human mind.”

How can I celebrate poetry in my classroom and beyond? We’re glad you asked! Check out the Poetry Foundation for a variety of resources, from online poetry courses to links to poets’ websites. The National Education Association (NEA) has great suggestions on Bringing Poetry to the Classroom, Grades 9 - 12 and We Are Teachers cultivated a list of 38 Essential Poetry Books for Kids in Grades K - 12, which are sure to be a hit at school and at home.

For university students and educators, the Harvard School of Education explores different ways to be a reader and teacher of poetry, while TED offers a terrific collection of TED Talks (and more!) on the topic of the spoken word.

So, now what? Put a poem in your pocket and get going! Poetry has the power to inspire original thinking and unique opportunities for creativity. Find some rhymes, create some free verse magic, and share your favorites with friends and family. The best part? Any day can be Poem in Your Pocket Day: all you need is a poem.  

Additional Resources: