Turnitin for K-12

Empower students throughout the writing process —
from initial outline to final draft.

Feedback Studio

The only comprehensive solution for giving feedback, preventing plagiarism, and encouraging original work.

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Support Every Student

Give each student personalized and timely feedback while easily identifying areas for individual growth and improvement.

Prevent Plagiarism

Support research and critical thinking, reduce unoriginal content, and foster confident writers across your school or district.

Save Time

Streamline the grading and feedback loop through seamless integrations with over 100 Learning Management Systems.

Revision Assistant

An online tool that improves student writing and engagement. Students respond to standards-aligned reading and writing tasks and receive immediate, actionable feedback.

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Provide Immediate, Targeted Feedback

Encourage students to revise more often with automated comments.

Check Writing Growth Instantly

Identify student strengths and weaknesses and easily track progress over time.

Access Real-Time Data

Use insights to drive classroom instruction, support formative assessment and inform district initiatives.

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